GUI_BMP_Serialize() has Color Errors with emWin5.50

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    • GUI_BMP_Serialize() has Color Errors with emWin5.50

      Hello to all,

      We updated from 5.36 to 5.50 recently.

      In 5.36 the GUI_BMP_Serialize() instruction works fine.
      With 5.50 the colors of the resulting Bitmap are pretty faulty, they have way to much of green color.

      We downgraded the software to 5.36: Colors are correct again.

      What can we do to use the latest version?

      Best regards
    • Hi Sven,
      attached you find:
      a) your required files
      b) example of Screenshot correct with 5.36 und a faulty screenshot with 5.50

      Unfortunately I am unable to provide you a demo example. What hardware should I use?
      My whole project would definitely not compile in your environment....

      So the thing is very simple:
      The instruction GUI_BMP_Serialize() can not be configured with parameters. There is nothing I can do wrong on my side.
      The fault is perfectly reproduceable: 5.36: OK 5.50 not OK

      I would therefore suggest, that you quickly test the GUI_BMP_Serialize() instruction in your working environment, which shouldn´t be a big deal at all.

      best regards to you


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      • No Errors.bmp

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      • Faulty.bmp

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