MULTIPAGE - how to get a number of added pages? [SOLVED]

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    • MULTIPAGE - how to get a number of added pages? [SOLVED]


      1. How to get a number of added pages to the MULTIPAGE widget?

      P.S. For this question I have found a solution, it works, but I don't know whether it is safe and fully correct:

      C Source Code

      1. #include "MULTIPAGE_Private.h"
      2. MULTIPAGE_Obj* pObj = (MULTIPAGE_Obj*)WM_H2P(multipageHandle);
      3. unsigned numPages = GUI_ARRAY_GetNumItems(pObj->hPageArray);

      2. How to get a width of Tab in MULTIPAGE widget?

      3. How to calculate the precize width of Tab in pixels if there is a width of text (in pixels) for this Tab?
      Now I add 8 pixels, but I would like to know how much extra pixels I need to put the text without its clipping.

      4. Maybe there is a function or solution to restore standard way of Tab width setting what was before calling MULTIPAGE_SetTabWidth()?
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