S29GL256S90GHI010 not supported ?

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    • S29GL256S90GHI010 not supported ?


      We are trying to flash external NOR S29GL256S90GHI010 , but it fails already in sector erase. (The flash is connected to FMC bus with STM32 ).
      In flash configuartion, we choose S29GL256S.
      Is it that this flash is not supported? Why does it fail if we choose S29GL256S ?

    • Hello ranran,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The S29GL is currently not supported:
      We will try to get some chip samples and add them to the list.

      Just for clarification, which STM32 are you using exactly and is it on an eval board?
      For this setup to work a Flash loader must be available for the external interface of that MCU. If it is not available it must be created first via our open Flash loader interface:

      EDIT: Sorry I confused the mentioned Flash with a SPI NOR Flash. This one you are using is a CFI compatible Flash. In that case no extra Flash loader is needed. All you have to do is to init the memory controller and configure J-Link to use that Flash as explained here:

      Best regards,
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