[ABANDONED] SES ARM 4.20a disassembly error

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  • [ABANDONED] SES ARM 4.20a disassembly error

    It seems SES ARM integrated disassemler is confused by a leading "bl" instruction. To reproduce:
    void __attribute__((naked)) tester(void)
    "bl extfunc \n\t"
    "bx lr \n\t"

    This is correctly compiled to (using objdump):
    00000000 <tester>:
    0: f7ff fffe bl 0 <extfunc>
    4: 4770 bx lr

    But when you open the .o file in the IDE for disassembly view, it's shown as:
    section .text.tester
    00000000 F7FFFFFE bl 0x00000000
    00000002 FFFE4770 vqshl.u32 q10, q8, #30

    I have observed this issue in earlier versions. BL won't appear as the entry in normal compiled code (the test case above is not actually working), but might happen still, and the disassembler should not make such assumptions. Worth fixing?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Such an issue is not known to us.

    We tried to reproduce the issue but it was showing correctly in ES just like in objdump.

    Could you provide an example project for reference?
    How does it show if you open the elf file in Embedded Studio?

    Best regards,
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