Is J-Link Plus Compact capable of Debugging NXP IMX8MQ MCU?

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    • Is J-Link Plus Compact capable of Debugging NXP IMX8MQ MCU?

      Does anyone know if I can make it work for me?

      I have a J-Link Plus Compact now, and need to debug a board of NXP IMX8MQ processor. My development environment is Linux based.

      I've tried thise:
      1. Haved tried Segger's free software for Linux.
      2. Got the J-Link device recognized successfully.

      However there is no device name available for processor IMX8MQ. The closest one is MCIMX6Q6, but using that causing errors when issuing command "connect".

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Currently only the Cortex-M4 cores on the iMX8 series are supported:

      An example device name would be e.g. MIMX8MD6_M4

      Make sure to use that latest J-Link software.

      Best regards,

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