Extra background color length

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  • Extra background color length


    I am using functions given below to display a string with background color. I want background color length corresponding to string length but in the end of string some extra length ( 1 character) of background color is coming. Please suggest solution to this problem.

    GUI_RECT pHRect={85,430,380,465}; //10/7/2019{95,435,383,465};
    GUI_DispStringInRectEx(dispHighPriW,&pHRect,GUI_TA_VCENTER|GUI_TA_HCENTER, strlen(dispHighPriW), GUI_ROTATE_0);

    I am using Font Converter to generate the font.
    Please suggest the solution.

    In previous thread, I am not getting reply after one reply so I am creating new thread.

    Gaurav Aggarwal