Fixed widget for all windows

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    • Fixed widget for all windows

      In my project, inside the window there are fixed widgets that are inside all pages. For example, time and date, and I create the windows with a guibuilder.
      Do I need to add a widget for the date or time for each page?
      Is there a better solution? :?: :?:

      best regards
    • Hello,

      three ways come to mind:

      1. Placing your fixed widgets in one of the windows (also in GUIBuilder). When you go to the other page (if using MULTIPAGE widget) or just change a window then you can reattach these fixed widgets to the new selected window using WM_AttachWindow()/WM_AttachWindowAt().

      2. Placing fixed widgets in a separate window that is always visible.

      3. Multilayer can be used. Then you just place fixed widgets in a different layer so that these widgets always could be visible on top.