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    • Ozone ELF Loading Time


      I have a question regarding Ozone and the time it takes to load data from an ELF file. We have a fairly large application running on an STM32F processor and during development the time to load the ELF file into Ozone grew from 10 of seconds up to 6-8 minutes. This 6-8 minutes seems very long since running "readelf" takes a small fraction on this time. Also, this 6-8 minutes greatly increases troubleshooting time. Recently, in an attempt to understand what might be causing this delay, I created a simple STM32F application which can be easily scaled up in code and image size. This application can be scaled up to the point it nearly fills the entire available flash space and even in this configuration, which is larger than our production application, the ELF loading time into Ozone is <30 seconds. Do you have any ideas why we would be seeing such a large load time on one application but not the other? We ae just trying to understand why the load time is so long on the production app. Thanks, Steve.
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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Long load times in Ozone usually result from complex nested symbol information in the elf file which can sometimes appear "suddenly" even if the code change was small, the compiler output hower has changed significantly. But of course we try to improve Ozone here gradually so even more complex and nested elf files can still be interpreted quickly as you are used to.

      Which Ozone version are you currently using? Could you try the latest one and see if the behaviour improves?
      If nothing changes or you already are using the latest version could you provide your elf file for reproduction purposes?

      Best regards,
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