[SOLVED] Create a new solution containing other SES projects

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  • [SOLVED] Create a new solution containing other SES projects

    Hi Nino and fellow developers,

    I have been working on two applications and now I want to combine both these projects in one solution so I can debug together; first application being a bootloader and the second being our runtime application.

    I create a new "empty solution"; right click add existing project and add in the two projects. My project explorer seems to show these now as a top level solution containing two solutions each containing a project. See attachment.

    I now try and build the two applications; both builds fail.

    I then look into the two projects from the IDE; and I see different options as when the projects were individually built in their own solutions.

    The bootloader fails to build as it is too big; I check the optimisation level and it has changed from "optimise for size" to "none"; if I try and modify this setting it appears to be locked to "none".

    This appears to be an issue with inherited settings/configuration.

    How do I achieve what I want to do?
    Is there a recommended way?

    Kind Regards,
    • combinedProjects.jpg

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    To make sure we understand you correctly here, is everything working now?

    Best regards,
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