[SOLVED] Error: Timeout while erasing sector, core does not stop. NXP K81 QSPI

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  • [SOLVED] Error: Timeout while erasing sector, core does not stop. NXP K81 QSPI

    I need some help troubleshooting

    Release: J-Link/J-Flash V6.46 or V6.48
    Devices: J-Link Compact or Flasher ARM

    I'm trying to program NXP K81 with Internal and External flash. Using both devices, with the same .hex program file this sometimes succeeds (about 10% of the time), but mostly it fails.

    When using the J-Link Compact with J-Link Commander (loadfile), the internal flash load stage appears to complete successfully, but the external flash load stage sometimes fails after the compare phase:
    ****** Error: Timeout while erasing sector, core does not stop.

    When using Flasher ARM:
    Green LED flashes for a few seconds, then Red LED lights-up

    If I try to load the 2 hex files separately (i.e. not one joined hex file), the internal flash load always completes, the external flash load sometimes completes, but mostly fails, as above.

    This is the same for both V6.46 and V6.48


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  • Hello Denis,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Is this related to [SOLVED] loadbin to QSPI Flash on NXP K81 fails
    or is this another issue?
    We tried to reproduce the reported behaviour but again everything was working as expected.
    Do you see the same behaviour on an eval board?
    Are you using parallel mode?
    What QSPI Flash are you using?
    Could you provide a J-Link log file of the failing session?
    Could you provide an example .hex file for reproduction purposes and exact reproduction steps?

    Best regards,
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