Loading images from external SPI flash

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    • Loading images from external SPI flash

      Hi All,

      I need to put in external SPI flash (not addressable memory space) some image data (icons, a logo, a couple of very small images). the SPI flash memory used is Microchip SST26VF064B.
      I have no file system on that chip.

      I can't read the hole image from external SPI Flash and put it on the internal SRAM because most of SRAM is used by the high level application.

      I access my SPI flash through functions like:
      uint16_t sFLASH_ReadBuffer(uint8_t* pBuffer, uint32_t ReadAddr, uint16_t NumByteToRead);
      the function returns the number of bytes read.

      note that the image on the screan change every 1s, how to draw the image that is stored in the external SPI flash memory with the best refresh rate?
      which functions ..EX should I use and how ?
      is there any example of using stemwin in this case ?

      I need your help !

    • Hi,

      Attached is an example on how to read and draw streamed bitmap.

      This example uses the Windows filesystem, but it should be quite easy to change it to use your own read function.

      The _GetDataFunction() needs to be adapted. Instead of accessing the data via a file file handle you have to use your function to read the streamed bitmap from the flash.