[SOLVED] export project to makefile without segger linker

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  • [SOLVED] export project to makefile without segger linker

    I have nrf52832 based board that i want to develop for with segger embedded studio.
    however when development is complete i want to run it's builds on jenkins (using docker container builder i build myself).
    Since i'm not going to install segger's tool on that container and since nordik sdk nicly builds with GCC\G++ and gnu linker i've like to run those on the CI.

    i've seen icf file which is quite similar to an ld script and i've seen the ability to export a makefile, only this makefile needs segger studio tools :-\

    is there a way to automatically port between the tools ? meaning make a nordic sdk compatible makefile with ld script out of nordic segger studio ?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Currently there is no automated tool that would allow this. So you would have to do it manually.
    Alternatively we recommend using our tool emBuild for CL building.
    Simply install Embedded Studio on your Jenkins server and call emBuild with the corresponding parameters (more information on usage are in ES manual).
    That way you can simply move your emProject file and source between different PCs without needing to switch tools or do any conversions.

    Best regards,
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