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  • [DUPLICATE] how to use PC-LINT in SEGGER

    I am using windows 10, I have already set up the global macros for PC-LINT, and when I want to do MISRA check, it shows error message.

    Then i tried using the command provided.

    My questions is that, how can I generate lint_cppmac.h and lint_cmac.h properly, I have tried MinGW and Cygwin using gcc command, but it doesn't work.It will show error message like this.

    And I tried use segger's gcc(although I'm not sure I'm using the correct one) And I found it doesn't support 'gcc -E' command....LOL

    Any one can help me please
  • Hello,

    This thread will be closed as it is duplicate to the following one:
    Question about using pc-lint in segger to do MISRA checking

    Please do not open duplicate threads as this violates the forums terms of service.
    In the original thread your question has already been answered. The file you are trying to include either does not exist or is not set in include paths.

    Best regards,
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