STOP / HALT Device when not in Debugging-Mode

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    • STOP / HALT Device when not in Debugging-Mode


      Current situation:
      When stopping to debug a application (J-Trace is still connected), the device immediatly starts to run again.

      In many situations this is a problem, because the (maybe buggy) application starts again abd does buggy things (e.g. communicating with hardware, communicating wih other devices, consuming data, changing data-memories, ...).
      This must not occur.
      So i have to PAUSE and not to STOP the debug-session, but this handling is very critical.

      IMHO, stopping a debug-session means stopping the device. If i want to run the device furthermore, i detach the debug-session or disconnect debugger.

      Is there anywhere an option to change this behaviour?

      - J-TRACE-PRO (USB)
      - Linux (XUbuntu)
      - Eclipse
      - OZONE 2.62g

      Thank you.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      What exactly do you mean by "stop" the debug session? Do you mean pressing the red "Stop Debug Session" button?
      If yes that in that case the target device connection will be closed by J-Trace PRO and the target restarted.
      If you want to change that default behaviour you can use J-Link exec commend SetRestartOnClose.
      Set this to 0.
      More information can be found in the J-Link user manual UM08001.

      Best regards,
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