J-Link gdbserver and ARM Cortex

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  • J-Link gdbserver and ARM Cortex


    when using the J-Link gdbserver I'm facing some issues when accessing registers.

    1.) "monitor regs" returns me register in the ARM7/9 format. Moreover, the first time I call "monitor regs" after starting gdbserver I get the following error message: "_ReadRegIfNeccessary(): Register 34 is not marked as valid"
    2.) Accessing special Cortex system register (for instance MSP or PSP) is not possible:
    monitor reg pc
    Reading register (PC = 0x000000dc)
    monitor reg msp
    Unsupported register !

    Any way to access them?

    More info:
    I use gdbserver V4.20h with command line parameter "-if swd"
    I see this issues on Cortex M0 as well as on M3 (LPC1114 and LPC1343 respectively)

    Thanks in advance for your answer,