WM_HideWindow and WM_ShowWindow behavior

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    • WM_HideWindow and WM_ShowWindow behavior

      Hi all.
      I need to create 4 screens. since creation time is more i want to use hide and show functionality.
      I am creating the 4 screens after GUI_Init itself and hiding it. that means before creating any other screen.
      after this i have created one WIndow suppose WIndow 1 then on press of button in WIndow 1 have deleted WIndow 1 created WIndow 2. Again in WIndow 2 on press of buton what i have to do is i have to show screen which i created right after gui_init. so i will call WM_ShowWindow(Screen1).
      that looks fine beacuse it is immediately getting shown.
      but if i try like this suppose. first i created 1 window then on press of button i deleted this window and created window 2 and along with window 2 i created all 4 screeens and made those hidden.
      now if i press on button of window 2 i need to sho screen 1. so same i am calling WM_ShowWindow(Screen1). but the execution is not fast here i.e it is behaving same as when we call create dialog box.

      Note: these 4 screens are keypad screens and having edit widget with blinking cursor.
      May i know why this behavior is different when creating and keeping first itself and creating after some screens and keeping.

      Thank you