[SOLVED] Jlink SDK ETM and ITM support

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  • [SOLVED] Jlink SDK ETM and ITM support


    I need to capture both ETM and ITM trace at the same time. If I understand correctly, if trace pins are used, both ETM and ITM data are routed to J-trace. However, in the manual of Ozone, it is state that "The simultaneous use of multiple trace data channels in Ozone is currently not supported". Here I think data channels refer to trace pins/trace buffer/swo.

    My question is, if I chose trace pins, can I get instruction trace and ITM data simultaneously in Ozone? If not, is it supported in SDK?


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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Correct, different data channels would be trace pins, trace buffer and SWO. Only one can be evaluated at a time.
    But ETM and ITM packets can be channeled through the trace pins at the same time. This has to be supported by the target device however.
    J-Link software will do this automatically when available for timestamp packages from the ITM.
    For other packet types you can use the SWO API from the J-Link SDK.

    Best regards,
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