[ABANDONED] JLink Debug issue On ARM926EJ-S

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  • [ABANDONED] JLink Debug issue On ARM926EJ-S

    Hello i am trying to add a new device support in JLink.dll depend on the below page instructions.


    My device is ARM9 based chip and it does not have internal flash, it able to drive external memories (NAND, NOR, SPIFlash).
    Depend on the above page instruction i have prepared Flash loader which able to program NAND flash, and updated relevant files in .../SEGGER/JLink/ directory.

    Currently i am able to program NAND flash over JLink.exe with my flash loader but i am not able to debug my application (it some times works some times does not work, there is no stability with debug). I am exactly sure NAND flash is program correctly with my flash loader (on each restart my application is launched).

    My question how does JLink debug mechanism work? After JLink load my image over my Flash loader which steps is executed to go debug session?
    After it load image into NAND does it load image in RAM too from .elf file? Or does it start too bootlader which is load image from NAND?

    Thanks in advance