[ABANDONED] RTT unstable

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  • [ABANDONED] RTT unstable


    I'm trying to use the RTT tool, but don't have a good experience. The code I'm using is the Menu example provides by SEGGER, all enviroment is using Windows 10.

    I can make RTT communication work if I do the follow steps:
    1. Turn off the development board(ADuCM3029)
    2. Shutdown J-LINK GDB server
    3. Shutdown J-LINK RTT Viewer
    4. Turn on development board
    5. Run J-LINK GDB server
    6. Run J-LINK RTT Viewer using "Exisiting connection" option
    7. Build and run debug with Cross Core application from Analog Device
    This way I can sometimes connect at first Debug session or second, sometimes doesn't work and I need to restart the steps.

    If RTT communication works, I can't run another debug session withou break the communication, so I need to restart the steps.

    Above is my GDB configurations, used when run a debug session using CCES:

    Source Code

    1. Initialization commands:
    2. monitor flash device = ADuCM3029
    3. monitor semihosting enable
    4. monitor semihosting breakOnError
    5. monitor semihosting IOclient 3
    6. monitor exec SetRTTSearchRanges 0x60000000 0x1000, 0x20000000 0x1000
    7. monitor flash download=1
    8. monitor clrbp
    9. monitor endian little
    10. monitor reset
    11. monitor sleep 10
    12. monitor speed auto
    13. Run commands:
    14. monitor reg r13 = (0x00000000)
    15. monitor reg pc = (0x00000004)
    16. break main
    17. continue
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    So, I want to know if there is a way I can start RTT communication and doesn't need to restart the entire system.