Mouse slow or unresponsive when J-Trace is plugged into USBPort

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    • Mouse slow or unresponsive when J-Trace is plugged into USBPort

      I have installed J-Flash V6.46i. When the J-Trace Pro is connected via USB, my Windows 10 64-bit PC's mouse becomes very slow or unresponsive. This occurs even when not running any Segger applications. Anyone else see this? Windows 10 insists the best driver is installed (WinUSB.sys).
    • Hi mdv,

      This is not known to us. Could you please answer the following question in order to help you:
      Are you using your J-Trace natively on the PC or is it connected via VM.
      Do you use a USB3 or USB2 cable? In case you have only tried only one type of a cable: Did you try to use the other type of cable?
      Could you please provide a screen of the device manager, where the view is set to "Device by connection" and the subtree is collapsed down to the J-Trace.
      Do you use a USB Hub in between? If yes, did you try without one?
      Are you using the native driver for the USB host controller (Native means the Microsoft's one) or the vendor's one?

      Thank you!

      Best regards,

    • Looks like it was a bad USBport on my PC. I moved to another USBPort and it is working fine. I have used the "bad" port with other devices with no issue. Also strange that even when using the Ethernet port on the J-Trace, the "bad" USBPort still gave me problems.