Alphanumeric keypad

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    • Alphanumeric keypad

      Hi all,
      I have to create alphanumeric keypad. For that I am creating 2 dialog boxes fr 1 screen. First dialog box contains edit widget and some title, and will remain same. other dialog box will change like : First Alphabets then on press of button some special characters.
      I created dialogs using GUI_CreateDialogBox and for other dialogs i am giving parent as the main dialog which is fixed.
      Problem: I am setting input focus for edit widget in dialog1 and inputs are given in dialog2 which is a different dialog. I am getting the input to edit widget but curser is not blinking.I am using EDIT_EnableBlink for cursor blinking but nothing is happening.
      Can someone tell me how to implement this.
      Kusum :)
    • HI Sven,
      Thanks for the reply. I have not pressed any button, while launching itself cursor came and stopped.
      Basically what i want is to create an alphanumeric keypad where i need to have one edit widget and one window which will be having alphabets and other button, on press of some button this screen should switch to special characters screen for that i am deleting the 1st screen and creating back.
      At the same time edit widget should not be deleted.
      For that what i tried is I created one separate edit widget and one dialog box which is having alphabets. but the problem is there is a delay in drawing. Dialogbox is created fast but edit widget is coming slower. We can visually see the difference. How can i avoid that.
      Also if you have such example of implementing alphanumeric keypad please tell me.

    • Hi,

      I dug through my examples box and found something.

      Attached is an example with an EDIT widget and a keypad. It is made for a screen of 480x272 pixels, so for another screen size it would require some changes.

      If you click on the EDIT widget a keypad gets shown. You can hide and show the keypad by clicking on the little button in the lower reight corner.

      The keypad also has special characters when pressing the shift key. The Alt and Ctrl key have no function but it can be implemented.