[SOLVED] Use J-Link for mass storage device programming

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  • [SOLVED] Use J-Link for mass storage device programming

    I have a NRF52-DK which would show a mass storage every time I pluck it to my PC via USB cable. When I want to flash an executable program to my NEF52-DK, I only need to copy and paste the hex/bin file to the storage.

    Then I bought some SEGGER J-Link EDU v10 devices. When I pluck it to my PC via USB cable (without connection to a microcontroller board), there is no mass storage which shows on my PC.

    Can I show the mass storage on my PC to flash my microcontroller using J-Link device? Are there any features configuration which I should activate first? or is the mass storage device programming feature only available on NRF-DK?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The nRF52-DK uses a so called J-Link OB:

    That is a stripped down version of the J-Link which is created to work only with that specific device or board. That is why it is possible to add a mass storage device for simple drag and drop programming as the target hardware is predefined.
    In case of the standalone J-Link this is not possible as we are supporting more than 10000 unique target devices which all behave differently. So the drag and drop feature is not available with the standalone versions of J-Link.
    But for easy programming our software J-Link Commander or J-Link Lite can be used.
    For more information see the J-Link user guide UM08001.

    Best regards,
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