[ABANDONED] Unable to compile trial embOS V3.86k IAR EWB V4.20.1

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  • [ABANDONED] Unable to compile trial embOS V3.86k IAR EWB V4.20.1


    I've downlaoded trial version of embOS V3.86k for Renesas V850 microprocessors and IAR. I'm using IAR EWB version V4.20.1. I've tried to compile demo project CPU_V850_SA1, however what I get are following error messages:

    Source Code

    1. Building configuration: StartSA1 - SIM_DP
    2. Updating build tree...
    3. OS_Error.c
    4. RTOSinit_V850_SA1.c
    5. Start_2Tasks.c
    6. Linking
    7. Error[e117]: Incompatible runtime models. Module OS_Error specifies that '__rt_version' must be '9', but module OS_Alloc has the value '8'
    8. Error while running Linker
    I really do not know, where is the problem. Please note that I already read the readme.txt wich says that the project was built for the IAR Workbench for V850 V3.71. But possibly there is a fast fix so that I'm able to go on evaluating?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Hello Alexander,

    IAR changes the runtime model from time to time.
    This messages says that the embOS libraries were built with an older runtime model.
    Unfortunately there is no easy fix.
    The embOS libraries needs to be rebuilt with your IAR version.
    And we must check whether there is something we need to modify in our code.

    Please contact us directly per email or our ticket system and we'll help you with the evaluation.
    You can also give me a call to discuss further details.

    Best regards,
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