[SOLVED] problem with background memory access error(cortex R4 devices)

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  • [SOLVED] problem with background memory access error(cortex R4 devices)

    I am using Segger Jlink Ultra+. The IDE that we are using is Code Composer Studio v.8.3. I also use TMS570LS which is Cortex R4 device. The problem is I get an error when I want to use RTT in J-scope. If I choose a variable in RTT, I get an error which can be seen in the picture as "Initialising Jlink connection failed." Is there any solution for this? I also get error for HSS option but as far as I understand, there is no support for cortex R targets

    As far as I understand, the problem is about background memory access and we need to write a code(script file) which includes something like "CORESIGHT_IndexAHBAPToUse = x". If there is a solution like that, can you send me the required script file? Where should we put this script file in our Code composer studio project?

    I also have J-trace pro for all arm cortexes.When I use Ozone debugger, I cannot see real time data change if I use it with TMS570. I get some error about background memory access.

    If I use it with a cortex M4 microcontroller, everything works fine.

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