[SOLVED] Flasher Pro & Universal Flash Loader Config. & ChipErase

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  • [SOLVED] Flasher Pro & Universal Flash Loader Config. & ChipErase

    we encountered an issue with Flasher Pro on Renesas RL78: it seems that the option ChipErase in univ. flash loader configurator (v2.42) does actually not erase the whole chip, it rather erases the flash pages which will be written by the loaded hex file, untouched flash pages remain as they are.
    Is it meant to behave like that - it's confusing as the checkbox in the project settings says ChipErase?
    Is there an option to actually erase the whole chip - can this be fixed when using flash loader configurator?

    For now we implemented a work around and (more or less manually) fill the empty addresses in the hex file with FFh - this seems to force the Flasher to erase also the other flash pages.
    I already checked the Flasher user manual, using #ERASE command before executing #AUTO might work, still need to try this out.

    Any help would be appreciated,
    BR, Mario
  • Hi Mario,

    pages with undefined data are not touched (erase/program or verify) for performance reasons.
    The RL78 chips do not support a ChipErase command, so the normal erase will always be used as a fallback.

    Your approach to fill up the empty addresses is correct.
    In general the #ERASE command behaves identically to the ERASE step during the #AUTO command.

    Best regards