1. How to check if the window is modal? 2. How to get a handle of parent dialog window by a handle of its child widget?​​

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    • Hello,

      1. Not sure if there is a special function in emWin, at least from documented, therefore, I’m afraid, again I’m going to tell about saving a window handle before making it modal and then checking a handle of necessary window if it matches to saved handle :) . Maybe Sven would clarify it.

      2. Maybe you are looking for WM_GetParent() function.


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    • SEGGER - Schoenen wrote:

      Hi all,

      Unfortunately, there is no API function yet to get the modal window (wondering why..). I will add such a function, but it might take while till it gets released.

      For now you should use LexasGBs solution.


      I think that the WM_MakeModal function should also have a symmetric function like "WM_CancelModal". Because now there is no function to cancel the modality of the window.

      Also I would like to know if there is a simple and elegant way to make the Dialog-window modal in relation to another Dialog-window or to a group of Dialog-windows, but not to all windows that has been created.

      In other words, is there any way to forbid any reactions to the PID (mouse/touchpad) of one window while another window is open above it and has focus for PID-control?
      I mean to do it exactly like WM_MakeModal but only for certain specified window(s).
      Because WM_DisableWindow gives unneccessary visual effects.
      Best regards,

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