[ABANDONED] Ozone watched data window

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  • [ABANDONED] Ozone watched data window


    In general, the "Watched Data" window needs help. It is frankly the one area that I find the most frustrating.

    1) If you enter an invalid expression there is no indication. I have a relatively straight forward structure, see below, it is instantiated as a static variable bleContext. When I entered bleContext.serviceConntection, which is obviously incorrect, there was no indication, just listed a value of 0.

    Source Code

    1. typedef struct characteristicInfo {
    2. ble_add_char_params_t *params; // Might not be needed, but could be handy
    3. ble_gatts_char_handles_t handles;
    4. } characteristicInfo_t;
    5. typedef struct connHandleInfo {
    6. uint8_t connected;
    7. uint8_t intervalInfoUpdates; // non-zero when handle is waiting for interval
    8. // info updates
    9. uint8_t nbfPedTxUpdates; // non-zero when handle is waiting for Ped App NBF packets
    10. pm_peer_id_t m_peer_id; // Device reference handle to the current bonded central.
    11. } connHandleInfo_t;
    12. typedef struct bleContext
    13. {
    14. uint16_t serviceApp_handle; // Handle for the service app
    15. uint16_t pedApp_handle; // Handle for the service app
    16. characteristicInfo_t nbfServiceResponse_info; // Service NBF Response
    17. characteristicInfo_t nbfServiceCmd_info;
    18. characteristicInfo_t nbfPed_info;
    19. characteristicInfo_t intersectionInfo_info;
    20. characteristicInfo_t longPress_info;
    21. characteristicInfo_t increaseVolume_info;
    22. characteristicInfo_t buttonPress_info;
    23. characteristicInfo_t intervalInfo_info;
    24. connHandleInfo_t connHandles[MAX_CONN_HANDLES];
    25. int8_t lastConnection; // holds the highest index of any open connection,
    26. // -1 if there are no connections
    27. int8_t serviceConnection; // holds the connection handle/index for the service
    28. // connection, if any, otherwise -1
    29. uint8_t uuid_type; // UUID type for the service. TODO, do we need 2 of these?
    30. bleCommInterface_t commInterface;
    31. } bleContext_t;
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    2) Reordering the list is not intuitive. And often times items will get moved around randomly

    3) When entering an item manually, if you press enter the item will disappear, and if you do this a couple of times the instance of Ozone become unstable. To finish entering an entry manually you must click elsewhere in the window.

    These are real annoyances. *PLEASE*, PLEASE fix them.

    thanks in advance.
    BTW I am using v2.62a
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    1: We will evaluate how this can be improved further.
    2: Could you provide an example with screenshots so we get a better idea on when the issue happens? What is unintuitive and what would improve the reordering in your opinion?
    3: This sounds like unwanted behaviour. We will try to reproduce the behaviour and report back with our findings.

    Best regards,
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