[SOLVED] How to connect to CR16C RISC CPU of CP3CN37 chip?

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  • [SOLVED] How to connect to CR16C RISC CPU of CP3CN37 chip?

    I need to debug the CPU inside the TI (former NS) bluetooth/CAN chip called CP3CN37...
    I have the datasheet of TI but they won't tell anything special about JTAG but providing the pins for it. When i attach the J-Link probe i don't know which CPU type to choose as i don't find the above chip type in the list.

    If i choose some generic one just to probe the chip i get this JTAG ID out of it:

    ConfigTargetSettings() start
    ConfigTargetSettings() endTotalIRLen = 8, IRPrint = 0x0001JTAG chain detection found 1 devices: #0 Id: 0x0FB1501F, IRLen: 08, Unknown device****** Error: CPU-TAP not found in JTAG chain
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    CR16C CPUs are not supported by J-Link nor are there currently any plans to add support.
    So currently it is not possible to connect to such a CPU via J-Link.
    A list with supported core types can be found here:

    Best regards,
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