J-Link data breakpoint in Atmel Studio 7 not working...

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    • J-Link data breakpoint in Atmel Studio 7 not working...

      Using the J-Link EDU with Atmel Studio 7 on an Atmel SAM E70 board (ATSAME70-XPL). When I set a data breakpoint on a local variable to break at a certain value it breaks at every value change instead of only at that certain value. If I use the board's on board SWD debugger (a lot slower than the J-Link) the same breakpoint setup works as expected (setup is to break on Write on a certain value).

      Any ideas would be appreciated.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.
      J-Link will execute whatever the IDE tells J-Link to do. So it seems that the data BP handling for J-Link in Atmel Studio is not correct.
      Unfortunately this is not maintained by Segger but the implementation comes from Atmel and is supported through Atmel.
      So in this case we suggest contacting Atmel support.

      Alternatively you could give Ozone a try. Here data BP should work as expected:

      Best regards,
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