[ABANDONED][Ozone] Custom JLinkDevices.xml Definitions in Ozone

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  • [ABANDONED][Ozone] Custom JLinkDevices.xml Definitions in Ozone

    I am using a Cortex-M device that does not have built in support in the J-link DLL, so I wrote a flashloader and added an entry to the JLinkDevices.xml, per wiki.segger.com/Open_Flashloader
    This works well with JLinkExe on both Windows and Linux, if I modify (e.g. on Linux) /opt/SEGGER/JLink/JLinkDevices.xml and add the flashloaders to the Devices folder.
    However, I would like to use this device with Ozone, but I can't get Ozone to recognize my custom device. I have tried making the same change to /opt/SEGGER/Ozone/Lib/JLinkDevices.xml (plus corresponding flashloaders), without luck.
    UM8001 suggests that the J-Link DLL looks for the JLinkDevices.xml in the same directory as "the J-Link settings file" (see 12.2, p. 280), but I don't know where that is supposed to be for Ozone (and apparently the settings file is deprecated altogether).

    So, is this even supported in Ozone? If so, how?
    If not, I'd like to enter a feature request. :thumbsup:
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Per default J-Link software will first reference the Device.xml that is in the host applications install folder.
    So to use your flashloader in Ozone you need to update the xml in /opt/SEGGER/Ozone/Lib/JLinkDevices.xml + the corresponding /Devices folder if you used that to source your flash loader.
    If you use another path for the flash loader add that.
    From your explanations it seems that you already did this.
    Could you check if you are lanching the correct Ozone version if you have installed multiple versions?
    Could you verify that there is not typo in the device name and flash loader path set in the xml?

    Best regards,
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