LISTVIEW re-sorting when non-sorted column cell is updated

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    • LISTVIEW re-sorting when non-sorted column cell is updated


      We're using a LISTVIEW with up to 1000 rows and 6 columns and allow sorting on three of the columns.

      When the LISTVIEW has more than a few hundred items, sorting becomes very slow (> 10 seconds) but we can probably live with this.
      However it seems that when the LISTVIEW is sorted, if I modify the contents of a cell in a non-sortable column, not only is the LISTVIEW re-drawn, but it gets re-sorted too.

      I'm attempting to use cells in the non-sorted columns as status indications, so the endless re-sorting makes it unusably slow with large numbers of rows.

      Is this expected behaviour and is there any way to suppress the re-sort whenever any cell is updated ?

      For reference we are using emWin V5.40.

      Thanks for any help with this.


    • Hi Sven,

      Thanks for your response.

      I think we have a way to workaround now where we store our statuses in a separate array and then use an owner draw for those cells so that we can retrieve the information from our own array - not ideal but it works.

      Once again thanks for the prompt reply.