[ABANDONED] Open Flash Loader together with SEGGER RTT.

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  • [ABANDONED] Open Flash Loader together with SEGGER RTT.

    I adapted the Open Flash Loader example projects and wanted to use SEGGER_RTT_printf().

    I defined the SEGGER_OPEN_Program() in my FlashOS.h:

    C Source Code: FlashOS.h

    1. extern int SEGGER_OPEN_Program (U32 DestAddr, U32 NumBytes, U8 *pSrcBuff);

    In the implementation I want to have a printed message:

    C Source Code: FlashPrg.c

    1. int SEGGER_OPEN_Program(U32 DestAddr, U32 NumBytes, U8 *pSrcBuff) {
    2. [...]
    3. SEGGER_RTT_printf(0, "SEGGER_OPEN_Program()\n");
    4. return 0;
    5. }
    I connect with JLink.exe in Powershell to the target, but I don't receive any output.
    I try it with:

    Source Code

    1. loadfile testfile.bin, 0x90000000

    I also created other prints for example in the Init() method. I receive those other messages, but I assume I did something wrong with the SEGGER_OPEN_Program().

    Maybe you can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Is it correct to assume that you are using Embedded Studio to debug your application?
    What target device are you writing the flash loader for?
    Generally J-Link software will try to find the RTT control block automatically by searching the default memories that are known to J-Link.
    If the RTT control block is placed in some other memory are you would need to add that memory area to the search range or define the location of the RTT control block if it is fixed.
    More information on how to can be found in the J-Link user manual.

    Best regards,
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