Wrapping long comments in the editor

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    • Wrapping long comments in the editor

      Hi. New to SES, and trying to bring some preferred ways of doing things over from other IDEs.

      Supposing I have a long comment in a source file - a whole paragraph. I'd prefer to write this all on one line rather than put line breaks in every 80 or 140 characters or whatever. Then I'd like the editor to wrap any lines longer than N characters, or the width of the editor on screen. Visual Studio Code does this well, for example. This makes sense to me, since two developers working in the same codebase with different screen sizes will want the wrap point in different places.

      Can SES do this? Searching "wrap" in Tools -> Options -> Text Editor draws a blank.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Generally wrapping code lines is currently not available in Embedded Studio editor.
      This has however been requested before by our customers and will be added in the future. Currently we do not have a fixed time schedule for this.
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