undefined symbol:end

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    • undefined symbol:end

      I would like to use a static library cross-compiled in debian with arm-none-eabi-gcc,semihosting in segger studio and the library uses some functions in librdimon.So I added newlib to ses by project->options->linker->Additional input files. But I'm getting this error when linking

      undefined symbol:end

      After some digging in newlib, I figured out this symbol in librdimon.a and Arm GNU Toolchain 4.9.3 says
      If you used nosys.specs or rdimon.specs, it may expect symbol 'end' to be defined to denote the HEAP start. Define symbol 'end'.Refer "12. How to update linker scripts for syscalls?" for examples.
      I couldn't find any resource how to handle this in segger linker script,I'm absolutely stuck in.
      Thanks in advance.

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