J-Link Windows 10 Compatibility

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    • J-Link Windows 10 Compatibility


      I'm new to this company and am planning a Windows upgrade from 7 to 10. Some of our client computers have the following applications installed:
      J-Link ARM v4.66
      J-Link V4.96l
      J-Link V644c

      I'm struggling to find documentation online which states the compatibility with Windows 10 ?( can someone please assist/advise?

      Thank you
    • Hello Rich,

      Windows 10 is fully supported by our tools and software.
      You can find that information on the product page of your particular J-Link model e.g.:

      But for the old V4.66 and V4.96l etc. we will not be able to provide official support through our support channels as these software versions are out of support and maintenance for more than 10 years now.
      We always recommend using the latest J-Link software version as we try to stay backwards compatible so the features and functionalities you know from the V4.xx versions should be all available in the current software versions as well.

      Best regards,
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