[SOLVED] RE-OPEN 5.05.10 FLASHER 5 PRO - Error 55 - CRC check in programmer - failed

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  • [SOLVED] RE-OPEN 5.05.10 FLASHER 5 PRO - Error 55 - CRC check in programmer - failed


    have just have bought 5.05.10 fLASHER 5 PRO programmer and seeing same problem. Have used the same programmer in past with no problems.

    Attempted to use the .BIN file method to update and seemed to work. I am running V214B. Notice on screen however that the FIRMWARE version is V214A For FLASHER HW 6.00 S/N 581300704. Was expecting V214B,

    Do not see any Firmware error. Can also run download Firmware from V214B and get Result O.K. But still says on screen V214A.

    When attempt to OPTIONS > DOWNLOAD FILE TO FLASHER get the following responses

    1. CRC check in programmer failed.
    2. Then Write operation to SD card failed.

    Can CLEAR and do blank check and PASSES. When try to do any programming get the same error as above.

    Any suggestion on what to try next?


  • Hello Steve,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
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