TI RM57x (Cortex R5F) and RTT Background Mode

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    • TI RM57x (Cortex R5F) and RTT Background Mode


      Hi all,

      I was trying to use SystemView with a Texas Instruments RM57 series MCU. I am using the J-Link Base with the latest J-Link software, hardware version 10.10.

      From the SystemView FAQ:
      Can I do continuous recording on Cortex-A or Cortex-R devices?
      It is done via the AHB-AP. If your device has AHB-AP, you can continuously record with SystemView.

      According to the TI document for this product, ti.com/lit/an/spna202/spna202.pdf I see:

      Hercules™ TMS570LC/RM57Lx Safety Microcontrollers Development Insights Using Debug and Trace Tools wrote:

      The DebugAccess Port (DAP) also provides access to memory via AHB-AP and APB-AP via System View and APBView respectively in CCS. Access to runtime memory is done via AHB-AP...

      When I connect to my target in SystemView, I see:
      J-Link>RTT is running in stop mode: wiki.segger.com/RTT#Stop_mode

      And it is clearly running in stop mode - I can tell from the trace where the memory access is occuring - there will be periods of about 100 ms where I see no system tick interrupts.

      When I start JLinkExe, I see an AHB-AP detected.

      Is there something I can do to get Background Mode working for this chip?

      Thanks for the help!

      Here is my JLinkExe output upon connecting:

      Type "connect" to establish a target connection, '?' for help
      Device "RM57L843ZWT" selected.

      Connecting to target via JTAG
      Executing InitTarget()
      TotalIRLen = 6, IRPrint = 0x01
      J-Link script: ICEPick found, enabling Cortex-M3 core.
      TotalIRLen = 6, IRPrint = 0x01
      JTAG chain detection found 1 devices:
      #0 Id: 0x1B95A02F, IRLen: 06, TI ICEPick
      TotalIRLen = 10, IRPrint = 0x0011
      JTAG chain detection found 2 devices:
      #0 Id: 0x4BA00477, IRLen: 04, CoreSight JTAG-DP
      #1 Id: 0x1B95A02F, IRLen: 06, TI ICEPick
      Scanning AP map to find all available APs
      AP[3]: Stopped AP scan as end of AP map has been reached
      AP[0]: AHB-AP (IDR: 0x44770001)
      AP[1]: APB-AP (IDR: 0x24770002)
      AP[2]: JTAG-AP (IDR: 0x14760010)
      Iterating through AP map to find APB-AP to use
      AP[0]: Skipped. Not an APB-AP
      AP[1]: APB-AP found
      ROMTbl[0][0]: CompAddr: 80001000 CID: B105900D, PID:04-003BBC15 Cortex-R5
      Found Cortex-R5 r1p2
      8 code breakpoints, 8 data breakpoints
      Debug architecture ARMv7.0
      Data endian: little
      Main ID register: 0x411FC152
      I-Cache L1: 32 KB, 256 Sets, 32 Bytes/Line, 4-Way
      D-Cache L1: 32 KB, 256 Sets, 32 Bytes/Line, 4-Way
      TCM Type register: 0x00010001
      MPU Type register: 0x00001000
      System control register:
      Instruction endian: little
      Level-1 instruction cache enabled
      Level-1 data cache enabled
      MPU enabled
      Branch prediction enabled
      Executing ResetTarget()
      Memory zones:
      [0]: Default (Default access mode)
      [1]: AHB-AP (AP0) (DMA like acc. in AP0 addr. space)
      [2]: APB-AP (AP1) (DMA like acc. in AP1 addr. space)
      Cortex-R5 identified.