16 bit unicode + 8bit ASCII support

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    • Hi,

      Unfortunately it is not possible to use both in one string, but you can use UTF8 encoded string. With UTF8 you can use both.

      For 16 bit strings call function with 'UC' in the prefix, like GUI_UC_DispString().

      I recommend to use UTF8 to display strings containing characters outside of the ASCII range.

      Attached is an example on how to do this.

      We also offer a tool to simply convert UTF8 text files containing strings into c-arrays with UTF8 strings. This tool is called U2C.exe and can be found on our website:

      Please take a look into the manual for more information about different encodings:

      Chapter 32 Language Support, in general
      Chapter 32.1.1 UTF-8 encoding
      Chapter 32.1.3 UTF-8 strings

      Of course, you need a font which contains the required characters. The default fonts of emWin do not contain characters outside the ASCII range. You have to create your own font with the Font Converter tool.