bitmap not showing in a window

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    • bitmap not showing in a window

      Hi All,

      I created a window with GUIBuilder with several widgets and a bitmaps, all displays fine on our custom board, all but the bitmap which does not show at all.
      I would appreciate any help which points me in the direction to resolve this problem. There is SDRAM on the board, so there is plenty of memory available.

      Kind Regarad

    • Hi Mike,

      I'm working on something similar right now, and I just wrestled through the BMP area, finally got their bitmap routines to work.

      1) first make sure you have the call the to BMP routine you need in the WM_PAINT callback message for your window..

      2) The BMP image itself needs to be in the 'emWin' BMP format, NOT standard BMP format as you would view it on your if that is what you are using, use their BMP converstion tool to save the image as either a ".c" file (and compile the bmp array[] into your source code), or save it as a c-stream ".dta" file, and then you can load that file at runtime into your sdram buffer or whatever, and call their BMP routine to read it that way..

      I found this to be somewhat frustrating having to convert images like this, as I want to be able to customize my design so we can use any BMPs we want, and not have to convert them.. so I'm sticking with JPG images, reading them externally into ram, and having the hardware on my micro do the JPG decode to another buffer in ram...

      then on the WM_PAINT callback I'll do a DMA transfer to move my saved decoded image into the frame buffer, and not use emWin at all to do any decoding...