Debugging bootrom and application at same time

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    • Debugging bootrom and application at same time

      Hi Nino,

      Reply in forum as suggested....

      I am trying to debug bootrom and application at same time; having access to symbols from both binaries. When debugging application and resetting to traverse bootrom and enter application.

      Unfortunately the two binaries bootrom and application have been built in separate solutions.

      You suggested I build the two "projects" in one solution; as per following.....

      "Hi Owain,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      To set up an Embedded Studio solution with bootloader and application where you debug both in the same session we recommend the following setup:
      - have one solution with both projects, one for bootloader and one for the application
      - build both projects and have the bootloader project load the .elf output file of the application project in his project options as project option "Additional Load File [0]" under Project->Options->Debug->Loader
      - start the debug session with bootloader project as active project, now you should have the symbol information of both projects and can debug both from the beginning of bootloader

      Please note that the Nordic Licensed version of Embedded Studio is not eligible for e-mail support.
      For future inquiries we recommend using our forum

      Best regards,

      Nino Vidovic"

      I tried "dragging" both projects into a new solution; but that seemed to give me solution in a solution. The "import" option under file did not give a segger project as an import option.

      I have now managed to arrive at the situation as portrayed in attached picture; again looks like hierarchy is wrong; project in solution in solution. I wanted two projects under one solution (like in IAR two projects in one workspace).

      Here If I set "bootrom" as active project; attach debugger and run then pause; it does not let me switch project; "set active project" is greyed out.

      How can I achieve my goal?

      Kind Regards,
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    • Also assuming I have selected my application to debug; where is it specified the type of reset that will be done when I hit the reset button of the debugger.
      I assume I want to have a real hard reset causing control to come up via bootrom.

      Is this the target script (TargetInterface.resetAndStop())?

      Does this mean when I have the application project "active" the reset button will hard reset the target and stop; or run through bootrom and stop if I hit my application main()?