How to import a source tree into an existing project

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    • How to import a source tree into an existing project

      How do I import an entire source tree into an existing project? If I've got say 200 files arranged in a deep directory tree structure that I want to include in the source of a project, how, besides adding each of them, do I get that directory tree added to the project? I want to preserve the directory structure in the project explorer too.
    • I have this question too, I have large projects where I have been using code::blocks. Since there are no C::B import module, importing blocks of files is a pure necessary for me to be able to switch to SES. I tried on a smaller project to import files one by one, but then I noticed that what SES really did was making a copy of the files in the project root thus destroying my old project structure. Not good. Please tell me that I have missed something crucial here.

    • Thank you, much appreciated,, that did it... well... almost. No, I did not realize that "New folder..." was an option to include existing folders. However, not that it matters toooooo much, I see no reason for why one need to have an virtual project folder to house existing hard folders. But off we go and I will play around with this new knowledge...

    • awneil wrote:

      You must have missed something!
      My SES Projects have source files spread over a folder tree in the filesystem.

      When you create a New Folder in the 'Project Explorer', there is a 'Recurse into subdirectories' option - have you tried that ... ?
      Yah, this gives really mixed results. It looks like it should just give an image of the directory structure and it does sort of. You can't delete files from it. You can't exclude specific files from the build. You can't synchronize or it'll loose everything below the folder you sync to in the IDE, not the disc. You can't get this back basically without deleting the entirety of the IDE structure and re-importing. I'm thinking you can't add files

      This shouldn't be this hard.

      What I'm after is just a reflection of the underlying directory structure with IDE edits to it (don't show me this file, etc).