embUSB-Host with STM32F407VET6 example working good! (Keyboard)

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    • embUSB-Host with STM32F407VET6 example working good! (Keyboard)


      I have ported (if I may say so) the usbHost example to STM32F407VE controller but I have some questions.

      1. I don't understand where is setting RCC in your example Trial_STM32F746_DISCO_USBH_HID_SES?

      I was forced to add SystemClock_Config(); at begin of main.c from like Keil example.

      After this changes my project with STM32F407VET6 start to run GOOD.

      Thank all! :)

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      In that project the RCC settings are done inside the SystemInit() function in the system_stm32f7xx.c file.
      The RCC settings for the USB controllers are done in the function _InitUSBHw() of the respective config file (USBH_Config_STM32F7xxFS_ST_STM32F746G_Discovery.c or USBH_Config_STM32F7xxHS_ST_STM32F746G_Discovery.c).

      BTW: I have read your russian guide on creating a first project with ES on the LPC1768, it is very good. Thank you, great job.