Ozone Power Graph - start/stop recording when debugging

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    • Ozone Power Graph - start/stop recording when debugging


      So when using power graph it sometimes will continue recording after halting program execution.
      Other times it will halt power trace readings.

      I am using Ozone v2.62, J-Trace Cortex Pro (connected via JTag)

      Firmware: J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex compiled Oct 25 2018 11:51:34
      Hardware version: V2.00

      I'm not sure what the expected behavior is but halting power trace readings when the program is halted is desired.
      It seems to be random in its behavior ... sometimes it will halt for a full session other times I cannot get it to stop recordings when halting.

      Is there some sequence to getting power trace to halt readings when the debugging session is halted?

      I have attached log files showing
      1. the "attach and halt" of the target
      2. resuming program execution, selecting halt (power trace continues), finally disconnecting
      3. A log file where ozone stops power graph readings on program halt.

      Best Regards,

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      Hello Duane,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.
      We tried to reproduce the reported issue with the Cortex-M Trace Reference Board and the tutorial project:
      But everything was working as expected.
      The expected behaviour for Ozone V2.62 and onwards is that power profiling halts if the target is halted and continues on debug continue.
      Can you reproduce the described behaviour with the trace tutorial project?
      What are your Ozone settings?

      One more note. The power profiling on the J-Trace PRO V2 probes are not calibrated yet so the measurement results might be inaccurate. This will be improved with a future firmware update but we have no fixed schedule for the release date yet.
      Currently only J-Link PRO and J-Link Ultra+ will output an accurate measurement.

      Best regards,
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      i Nino,

      Thank you for your response. I will see if I can reproduce this with the Cortex-M Trace Reference Board and the tutorial project.

      Thanks for the note on J-Trace PRO V2 probe, we did notice that the measurement was offset a little, but not a huge concern as we are just looking at knocking down the peaks.
      Will look forward to the future update.

      For Ozone these are my settings, I am also streaming Data Graph items.

      Best Regards,