Dependencies not honored

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    • Dependencies not honored

      Is it just me or does SES not keep track of dependencies correctly?

      In my project, I have a single headerfile that is generated by a shellscript. The shellscript is part of the build process. We use this to insert version information from our build system, define names etc. So, it changes a file named "svnversion.h" which in turn is included in several modules. We use a shellscript that runs the shellscript (resulting in a new svnversion.h), and consequently runs emBuild. emBuild doesn't honor the changed svnversion.h.

      This also happens a lot in the IDE, not even in this particular generated .h file alone but in other modules as well.

      Is it broken?
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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.
      Is the header file name always the same?
      Are you using dynamic virtual folders or static ones?

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      Yes, the header filename does not change, it's always the same.

      Dynamic or static virtual folders? How do I check that?

      I did notice that sometimes SES complains it cannot remove the project.dep file (where project is the project's name). It does continue compilation when that happens. Is this related to this problem?

      I'm using SES 4.16 by the way but it also happened when still on 4.12.