Ozone local data display configurability with C++ classes

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    • Ozone local data display configurability with C++ classes


      I've been using Ozone successfully for a few years now. There is one thing however, that I have not been able to change to my preferences :

      When I view (local) data using the local data pane, the local data shown includes all members of the C++ class - both data AND methods. In most (if not all) cases, I am only interested in the data members. The methods (member functions) of the class are irrelevant and clutter the view on the data members. Please see the attached example:
      • Ozone stops at the declaration of a local variable (of class "Hoek") langshoek.
      • langshoek is shown in the local data pane.
      • langshoek contains a data member "hoek" which is still unitialized.
      • "hoek" is shown in a field of constant data members (various predefined values of pi) and member methods, denoted by the letter "f" .
      How can I get rid of the static members and the function members in the local data pane? Is there a script command that helps me do this?

      With best regards,

      Ewout Boks
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    • Hello Ewout,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Currently Ozone does not offer an option to filter out methods. But we will put it on our feature wishlist so it might be added with a future version. But we can't promise anything at this point.

      Best regards,
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