Ozone local data display configurability with C++ classes

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    • Ozone local data display configurability with C++ classes


      I've been using Ozone successfully for a few years now. There is one thing however, that I have not been able to change to my preferences :

      When I view (local) data using the local data pane, the local data shown includes all members of the C++ class - both data AND methods. In most (if not all) cases, I am only interested in the data members. The methods (member functions) of the class are irrelevant and clutter the view on the data members. Please see the attached example:
      • Ozone stops at the declaration of a local variable (of class "Hoek") langshoek.
      • langshoek is shown in the local data pane.
      • langshoek contains a data member "hoek" which is still unitialized.
      • "hoek" is shown in a field of constant data members (various predefined values of pi) and member methods, denoted by the letter "f" .
      How can I get rid of the static members and the function members in the local data pane? Is there a script command that helps me do this?

      With best regards,

      Ewout Boks
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