-readchip erases my chip memory

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    • -readchip erases my chip memory


      Using the command line interface command "-readchip" my chip memory is erased and the read memory is consequently full of "FF". This does not happend if I perform this action manually (Target > Manual Programming > Read Back > Entire chip), in this case the action is done perfectly and the memory is correctly read.

      I have seen a difference between both processes. In the manual case, when the action is selected, the message box with the question "Do you want to perform an erase...?" appears and I select 'No', but in the automatic case this answer does not appear and always perform a previous erase.

      I do not know if I have to select something previously or if I should change any option in my project settings, but I can not use this automatic feature.

      In order to provide more information, I am using a J-Link EDU with J-Flash 6.44 and a MK64FN1M0 microchip.

      Thank you for the help!!