[SOLVED] SystemView Kernelpatch for FreeRTOS 10.2.0

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  • [SOLVED] SystemView Kernelpatch for FreeRTOS 10.2.0

    Hey everyone

    We are starting a new plattform at our company and for this we are using an STM32H7 with latest available FreeRTOS Version (10.2.0).

    And we want to use SystemView we knew from older projects. As i couldn't find any working kernel patch for this freertos version i implemented the changes manually and generated a patchfile through git.

    The source for the changes is the systemview freertos kernelpatch available on the systemview website.

    With this changes systemview works on my nucleo testboard!

    Feel free to use it.


  • Hello Daimonion,

    Thank you for sharing.
    However the kernel patch for FreeRTOS V10 should be available in the SystemView source shipping for a while now:

    Best regards,
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