PNG display graphic issue using GUI_PNG_Draw function

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    • PNG display graphic issue using GUI_PNG_Draw function

      I have a .png image, converted to .c using Bin2C.exe tool.
      I used GUI_PNG_Draw function to display the icon on screen.
      The icon was displayed with missing pixels or some shift I don't know exactly what is the issue.

      Important to note, that I tried displaying the same image using GUI_DrawBitmap using Bitmap Converter and the icon was displayed perfectly!
      Also, its a must for me to use PNG and not bitmap bmp image.

      I attached the result of displaying the PNG using GUI_PNG_Draw also the result of diplaying the same PNG image converted to bitmap BMP using GUI_DrawBitmap.
      Attached also the original PN image.

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    • Hi, thanks for the reply.
      I tried also to convert the png to bmp (binary not bitmap) and used GUI_BMP_Draw, its also not good.
      - does this also happen with other PNGs?
      Yes, but different display issues (for example, I tried to display a logo, and it was dispalyed with different colors does not match the origin). and ofcourse when displaying the same logo using bitmap it works fine.

      attached the .c file og the PNG image created by Bin2C.exe (attached it as .txt file).

      I'm not sure I can attach the configuration files. The same config files works fine when using GUI_DrawBitmap.

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    • Hi,
      When I use BITMAP array it's also placed on the external memory.
      Displaying the Bitmap has no issues.

      But I also thought that this might be a problem of memory, so I placed the C-array on the internal Flash.

      I attached another interested "bad" image display (you can see the difference between the BITMAP display and the PNG I attached both).
      The PNG again is converted via Bin2C.exe
      Attached also the .C files for both the BIN2C and BITMAP.
      • BitMapConverted_GUI_DrawBitmap2.jpg

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      • PNG_Bin2C_GUI_PNG_DRAW2.jpg

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      • BIN2C.txt

        (48.59 kB, downloaded 87 times, last: )
      • BITMAP.txt

        (121.96 kB, downloaded 96 times, last: )