MAC: Delete key in "Find In Files" dialog does not work as expected

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    • MAC: Delete key in "Find In Files" dialog does not work as expected

      In Segger Embedded Studio from V3.52 (and possibly lower) up to v4.12 v4.16, I have an issue on my MAC when I use the delete button in the "Find In Files" dialog: instead of deleting the text in the dialog, it deletes text in the editor window. Other keys like the backspace key DO work correctly.

      It would be great to see this resolved.

      MacOS info: High Sierra, 10.13.6

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      We could not reproduce the reported behaviour.
      Could you explain step by step what exactly you did?
      Could you also provide screenshots showing your proceedings?

      Best regards,
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